you have questions? i have answers.

Do you edit (color adjust, retouch, etc.) all images or only a specific number of images? 

I color adjust every single photo so it matches my style and all the other photos you see on my website! When it comes to retouching, I keep it very minimal. I’m a photographer that photographs moments - not a photographer that Photoshops moments! That being said, if you’re feeling self conscious about something or Uncle Bob is sweating through his shirt in some of the family photos, I can send out the photographs to be altered for an additional costs.

Do you shoot in digital and film? 

When will we receive a written contract?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Do you have liability insurance?

In the event that you unexpectedly cannot photograph our wedding, do you have a back up plan? 

How much is the deposit & total? When are these due? 

Do you charge a travel fee? 

How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos? 

Would you appreciate a short shot list?

Is there any time limitation on access to the online gallery of our images? 

Is there a way to keep our photos private unless we specifically give our consent?