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When I first started photography, I was SO lost. I spent hours playing with my camera, setting up shoots, researching, watching countless Youtube videos, going to workshops, watching webinars - the list goes on and on and on! There was always something new to learn which was both motivating and overwhelming for me. After years of trying to find my style and growing my business, I wanted to be able to help other beginning photographers that are also feeling a little lost.


Let's Chat!

A FaceTime or Skype session with yours truly! We can talk about whatever you want - editing, workflow, camera settings, website critiques, etc. I'm an open book so come with questions!

Pricing begins at $200 per hour

Let's Shoot!

Together, we'll set up a super rad couples shoot! I'll help you find a couple, pick their outfits, and find a perfect location! This allows you to learn hands on and watch me interact with a real couple. You'll also be taking photos yourself, so make sure you bring your camera!

Pricing begins at $350

Let's hang!

Let's get some coffee or food and talk photography! We'll chat for about an hour, then head over to our planned couples shoot! After that,  I'll show you how I edit my pictures or we'll talk about your style and how you can get your edits looking just the way you want!

Pricing begins at $500



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